Saturday, August 27, 2011

Which is better Nokia E71 or BlackBerry Bold 9000

Nokia E71 and BlackBerry Bold 9000 are the best office phone with the device. E71 most office phone ever released Nokia. BlackBerry Bold 9000 messanging excel in service are equipped with push mail, Blackberry internet service and its supporting applications. While the E71 is superior in terms of lower prices, office support, software and multimedia features. Latest business phone from Nokia is favored those who need to enter lots of text and prefer using the keyboard. Supported a complete feature attractive design into a potent concoction Nokia to conquer the hearts of consumers.

In terms of design, Blackberry Bold 9000 look bigger to fit the palm of an adult’s hand, while the Nokia E71 looks smaller and slightly thinner with an artistic touch in every corners. For BlackBerry Internet Service can be used to chat like blackberry messenger application, YahooMessenger, google talk, AIM, MSN, also there are a number of applications such as facebook, RSS feeds from ESPN and services portal Viigo but all is not free. Nokia E71 For internet services using GPRS, 3G, and HSDPA plus several large applications that can be obtained from a third vendor.[sumber]

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