Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Apple Macbook With 3G technology appear on eBay site

Apple  Macbook With 3G technology appear on eBay site
In May the rumors about the latest products from Apple that the 3G technology will integrate into the Macbook. Now seems the rumors become reality. Recently there is a prototype of MacBook Pro that has a SIM card slot and the antenna sticking out on the online auction site eBay.

Quoted from MacRumors, eBay is auctioning Macbook users said that the Macbook which has a 15-inch screen that can run well. He said, Macbooknya is a production of 2007, but until now has not been issued officially by the Apple. Despite having the SIM card slot, this Macbook will not necessarily work if you insert a SIM card.

The owner of this laptop that he bought the Macbook from craiglist in 2007. It said there was indeed a difference when compared with the Macbook that has been circulating in the market. Not only that, the original owner of the Macbook is also saying there are features that can not be used.

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