Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Tips to Maintain a BlackBerry, Get durable

10 Tips to Maintain a BlackBerry, Get durable
Want to Have Mobile BlackBerry durable is an ordinary thing in the desire by the owners of these sophisticated gadgets, to care for your BlackBerry is so durable and long lasting was actually there are lots of ways.

Here are 10 tips on caring for a true among Mobile BlackBerry is:

1. Get used to pressing the Turn Power Off before disconnecting battere (wait about 5-10 seconds after a new pull off battere)

2. After the repeal battere given time interval 10-15 seconds before installing it again.

3. Do clear logs as often as possible by pressing Alt LGLG and select Clear Log.

4. BB Reboot Do you at least 1x a day by pressing alt del aA or by disconnecting the batt can jg.

5. Perform the Clear Cache every time out to browse with the option then pressing Cache operations.

6. Avoid the use of NON-ORIGINAL charger (CHG).

7. Do all the applications you install on your BB. Must be ensured the application useless for anything, Because it can be installed applications that do not fit the same BB OS that could cause nghang.

8. Get used to let me refresh its performance back to normal. Refresh with a variety of ways, ranging pake QuickPull applications let restrart automatic and scheduled, or packing your keypad to press the combination ALT + CAPS + DEL.

9. Backup routine, most easily Install Desktop Manager on PC. Desktop Manager is included in the package its purchase of BB, there is a CD inside the box. After the install run, and then plug it BB. There is a Backup option. Just click directly. For those who do not have a PC / Mac, can use to install Google Sync on his BlackBerry and then backup just using gmail email, and fuel for the backup list is to use an online backup in the way of fuel.

SD Memory Card 10.Pakailah bona fide. Because the use of SD cards that are less able to interfere with bona fide work BB. Can make error, So choose the SD Card manufacturer warranty is good, support is also good, and good brand.

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