Sunday, August 28, 2011

Largest-capacity hard drive, 120 petabytes (120,000 TB)

IBM now has a big project. They are currently building a hard disk's largest having a capacity 10 times greater than the hard disk that is currently on the market. IBM made ​​the hard disk will have a capacity of 120 petabytes, or 120 million gigabytes. Currently the largest existing hard disk is the hard disk with a capacity of 15 petabytes.

IBM made the hard disk of a series of 200 thousand hard disks that are combined into one. The execution of the project is done in CA Lab Research, Almaden. Giant hard disk may contain no less than a trillion files and can run a simulation of more complex systems, such as for weather and climate modeling. Megaserver was made for an anonymous client who plans to create a simulation of the phenomenon of real events.

To support this project, IBM is developing a variety of hardware and new software techniques. One is to use as a means of cooling water circulation, not a fan like on your hard disk is generally. In addition, if there is damage to the disk, the system will automatically pull the excess data and write it back. If the back of damage or failure, then the system will work more quickly to reduce the likelihood of damage data permanently. Given such measures, the system will be able to store data for longer without reducing performance.[sumber]

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