Thursday, August 25, 2011

Samsung bada 2.0 Present Provide support HTML 5 and Multi tasking

Samsung has just announced the availability of the operating system Bada 2.0 for Bada-based Samsung mobile phone owners. A total of seven mobile phones Samsung's Bada based on the market.

They say, with this latest update, the phone owners become more comfortable. Especially thanks to BADA 2.0, Samsung mobile phones will become more sophisticated, multi-tasking and supports voice recognition facility existed. Not only that, there is wi-fi direct and NFC for mobile payments.
Samsung bada 2.0 Present Provide support HTML 5 & Multi tasking
BADA 2.0 was first introduced in February, when the world conference in Barcelona. In addition to multi-tasking and NFC, the presence of OS is also capable of supporting HTML 5 facilities, which have almost the same functionality and even better than Adobe Flash.

In addition, Samsung also announced that the feature 'Samsung Apps store' will also be improved. Currently there are more than 40 thousand applications that can be downloaded by more than the Samsung mobile phone users in 121 countries.

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