Thursday, August 11, 2011

HP TouchPad down prices, Cheaper $ 100

HP  TouchPad down prices, Cheaper  $ 100
Hewlett-Packard (HP) recently announced price reductions of its newest product, the HP touchpad. Decline in the price reach 100 dollars, and this policy is not permanent promotion or the like.

HP said that the parties to the tablet WebOS 16GB will be priced at $ 400. As for the Tablet WebOS 32 GB will be priced at $ 500. Touchpad about 4G, the company did not disclose, but many pundits speculated would decline as well.

In addition to those who've already bought before the price reduction Touchpad will get a credit application catalog of USD 50. The seller had already started using the new price, including Amazon.

HP  TouchPad down prices, Cheaper  $ 100
The company said the reason for the decline is because HP wants to provide better service to its customers.

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