Friday, August 19, 2011

Mobile "Yahoo Phone" Android-based Marketed in Japan

A "Yahoo Phone" Android-based, reportedly headed to the Japanese market, where Yahoo is said to be the main search provider, according to TechCrunch. Android 2.3 devices will be manufactured by Sharp, basically serving as the brand-adaptation of the Sharp Aquos 009SH Yahoo recently introduced. Yahoo Japan's largest shareholder, SoftBank, expected to be the exclusive carrier.

Yahoo application-centric features will be available on the hp built in. This includes the application Yahoo Japan Forum, Yahoo Japan Auction, calendar, dictionary, and Yahoo Loco, etc..


Hardware features are said to include four-inch LCD with a resolution of QHD, eight-megapixel camera, a digital TV tuner, and an infrared transmitter on the phone. Phone Yahoo is expected to arrive on the market late next month.

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