Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Internet network users also many Children under of age. e.g facebook

as we know, up imposing age limits on its site, but it did not close the possibility that many children under age who have accounts on these popular social networks. At least, this is seen from the results of studies in the United States (U.S.) which states, 7.5 million from 20 million users up there under the age of 10 years.

these children, do access to facebook without the supervision of his parents, this is very worrying, because they are still growing, their brain would digest what they see and also can do like what the see on the internet, The worrying, the study of State of the Net by Consumer Reports revealed that these children often become targets of pedophiles and perpetrators of cyber bullying.

In a statement quoted by AFP also revealed,

"Facebooker aged under 10 years, used to access up without parental supervision. "

"The parents did not pay attention to use up their sons and daughters. They think, children are less vulnerable to Internet risks," the report said.

In fact, children need to get protection from bad content such as pornography, violence, and others. therefore let us watch them and guide them so they were not influenced things that are not desirable.

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