Saturday, May 21, 2011

Intel Regret Cooperated with Nokia

Nokia and Intel have established a working relationship when developing an operating system MeeGo. But everything changed when the Nokia took OS Windows Phone 7 (WP7). MeeGo impressed dumped, because WP7 will be the main operating system the Nokia smartphone. Working together with Intel's rather messy, where device-based Nokia MeeGo increasingly ignored. Intel also regret having a duet with Nokia.

Intel blamed the goyahnya partnership with Nokia as a cause of delay in the manufacture Intel processors for smartphones. Intel CEO Paul Otellini Intel judge should have first choice of a partner other than Nokia.

Intel promised to release a special processor for smartphones. Smartphone with an Intel processor is planned to be launched early next year.

To develop its own operating system MeeGo, Intel trying to find a partner other than Nokia. Not long ago, they managed to hook the LG Electronics to create a device based MeeGo

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