Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AMD T40R & AMD T40 E Chip APU AMD G-Series Power Save Electricity Only 5.5 - 6.4 Watt

AMD has shed its reputation as a strong company that makes chips, but the thirst for power. Therefore, AMD has launched AMD C-50 dual core processors that require 9 Watt power that could be dealt head-to-head with the latest Intel Atom chip for netbooks in terms of performance and power consumption, where AMD also launched the previous generation processor E-350 AMD that still uses 18W power which is already 50% more power efficient than most existing notebook processors.

But AMD is not only focused on notebook processors. AMD has also launched a new chip from the G-Series for embedded systems earlier this year, with the same low power consumption of up to 18W 9w. Now AMD has added two new chips into the ranks of the G-Series, with lower power consumption while still offering graphics capabilities that support DirectX 11.

AMD T40R, a 1 GHz single-core chip 64-bit which only requires power 5.5 Watts. AMD also offers dual-core version called T40E which has 6.4 Watts TDP. Both models include AMD Radeon HD 6250. This chip is designed for use in a system without a fan, including low-power business computer or mobile device.

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