Saturday, May 14, 2011

Energy Efficient Integrated Antenna by Ericsson

Ericsson, the Swedish telecom network vendors introduce the latest solutions on the technology side of radio, namely WATER (integrated radio antenna). AIR offers a new technological innovation in radio antenna design and saving energy consumption for each radio unit in the BTS (base transceiver station).
AIR from Ericsson's technology offers a more streamlined design of the radio, where the antenna is already integrated in the radio unit. With this technology, the operator can get many benefits from this solution, such as reducing energy consumption by 42 percent and reducing integration and installation time by 30 percent.

This will reduce the environmental impact and indicates that this product is an important part of Ericsson's ongoing focus of the program. Ericsson is located on the right track in a group together to reduce carbon footprint by 40% over five years (2009-2013).

Ericsson AIR is an integrated radio antenna that is claimed to reduce power consumption by 42%. Also Energy Network Optimization Service (Jeo) Ericsson helps operators to maximize customer traffic at the same time, to reduce energy consumption

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