Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Battery Power Saving Tips Android Phone

simply can not be denied, a phone with Android operating system is draining the battery. This is due to touch screen technology is enough to drain the use of power and data connections are also continuing to draining more battery power. especially coupled with the music player application that is draining the battery

Here are some tips to save battery mobile phone with Android operating system.

  1. Turning off the wireless connections are not used. WiFi and Bluetooth also eats battery power, therefore it should be disabled only if it is not used. Continuous data connection also spent batteries. Better mode "Always-On" Mobile Data disabled only. How to get into the option Settings> Wireless & Networks> Mobile networks, remove the check mark on Enable always-on mobile data. When any non-active, you can still use push Gmail, as well as MMS, SMS and telephone as usual.

  2. Turning off applications that are not used. Active application can be viewed from the menu Settings> Application settings> Running services. If you want to disable it press the "Force-stop". Some phones are equipped with additional applications to shut down applications that are not used. Among these are autostarts and Task Killer which serves to close active applications and see how much memory each application is closed empty.

  3. Lowering the display brightness. Levels can also adjust screen brightness automatically. How to access it from Settings> Sound & Display Brightness. Another way is to determine the value low enough for this level of brightness. Scroll bar brightness settings for instance to a value of 20%, then see already sesuaikah with your eyesight. If there is still enough light, set back to a lower value. Determine time to time out on the screen Screen Timeout time for mematikkan display automatically if no activity. For example, 30 seconds, this duration are optimal. Because time is still consuming a lot of 1 minute 15 seconds while power is less comfortable because the screen too fast to die.

  4. Avoiding the live wallpaper. Various options are cool wallpaper Live is so tempting. Unfortunately, this feature includes many power-consuming. We recommend using a dark background to further conserve battery life.

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