Sunday, July 10, 2011

Will soon present, AMD E-450 Chip Dual Core AMD Fusion New Faster & Power Save

"AMD Processor E-350" is an interesting chip because it offers the performance of moderate / good, the graphics are decent, but relatively low power consumption. Some laptop makers including HP, Asus, and Lenovo has released a laptop in 2011 by using this chip. Now AMD is working on a new model with better performance.

Fudzilla reports that AMD's E-450 will bring more powerful graphics processor and CPU clock speed is slightly higher, while keeping the power consumption of the same 18W TDP. AMD E-450 will also support DDR3-1600 memory

AMD E-350 is a dual-core speed 1.6 GHz chip that uses a Radeon HD 6310 graphics to handle well the latest AMD E-450 will be 1.65 GHz dual core processor with a Radeon HD 6320 graphics faster. Both chips are able to handle DirectX 11 graphics and HD 1080p video playback.

The new chip will also feature Turbo Core technology that can overclock on one core while underclocking the other to improve performance on tasks that do not really take advantage of multi-threading without sacrificing battery life. GPU clock speed will also jump from 508-600 MHz MHz when Turbo Core run. E series AMD processors are designed for efficient energy use, offers decent battery and low power consumption.

Currently we do not find price information and when AMD E-450 will be available.

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