Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Processors AMD CPU's trinity with Low Power Consumption Levels

Processors AMD CPU's trinity with Low Power Consumption Levels
AMD recently announced that they are preparing a special version of the Trinity APU. Special versions of these processors will work on the Fusion platform, so that the thermal design power (TDP) required only 17.5 Watt. TDP stated power consumption or processor power needed when working with normal load.

The announcement was made by the Chief Executive Officer of AMD, meanwhile, Thomas Seifert, in a recent conference with financial analysts the company. "We plan to introduce a version of the Trinity which will consume less power than 50% in the lowest power processor on sekang we use, APU Llano 35 watts, which will be used for ultra-thin notebook computing," said Mr. Seifert.

Trinity was the code name used for the next generation of AMD processing units based on the Bulldozer architecture. Trinity is expected to arrive on the market in 2012. Previously, AMD said that Trinity would have 50% better performance than APU Llano architecture.

A lot of energy to be generated by the inclusion of Bulldozer x86 CPU Core. These cores will be paired with the latest DX11 GPU made ​​with VLIW4 based architecture.

Bulldozer cores used in the Trinity will use the code Piledriver. According to AMD, Piledriver-based APU will be divided into three main versions, each of which depends on prices and markets.

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