Sunday, April 24, 2011

Research In Motion (RIM) visit Indonesia to show off tablet PC

BlackBerry Playbook finally brought Research In Motion (RIM) to Jakarta. Once officially released in the United States and Canadian markets, the selected place to show off the tablet PC is Senayan East Parking.

but he brought this Playbook only to the extent exhibited, so it does not directly sell. but playbook visit to Indonesia was not the first time, ever Playbook 'visit' to Bali in the event the BlackBerry Developer Conference Asia 2011, January 2011 ago.

Even so, after its launching ceremony in the U.S. and Canada last week, the RIM seem to want to create its own momentum for Indonesia's Playbook through events held at the East Parking Senayan this. However, this event does not apply to general, but specifically for the media. The event was presented was packed with a somewhat exclusive. Playbook is placed in a special bus, now the media is only allowed to linger every five people.

Southeast Asia Managing Director of RIM, Gregory Wade,describing, everything Playbook ability accompanied the opportunity to try out the product capabilities for media crews . Yes, only limited technical ability,no had leaks how a business model that will be relevant later carried RIM Playbook. Will it be sold by bundling or not?

RIM has said, the event at the Senayan East Parking will be continued in Central Park, with the schedule starts at 13.00 am until dusk later..

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