Thursday, April 14, 2011

Computer restarts itself

There are many things that cause our computer restarts itself. especially when we're cool to play games, then, our computer restarts itself, so we have to repeat the last game from the beginning again. and also when we're typing tasks in MS word, and then the computer restarts itself,,, but the task had not been in the save .. really annoying ...

for readers that felt like it, continue reading this article .. Actually there are some problems that cause the computer to restart itself, could be due to a program or hardware.

  • This is probably caused by a program that is most likely your computer got a virus, which each time you try to access the operating system such as regedit, msconfig etc., then the computer will automatically restart. If you dont want like it then you should use a reliable antivirus to eradicate the virus, you can use updates anti-virus.

  • if you already own a reliable anti-virus and updated and the computer  is not  exposed to  the virus , but the  computer  still  restarts  when used for some time. So, most likely your computer, there is some hardware that does not fit with the installation, such as:

    fan-less processor fitted snugly. so how, remove all the fan for the processor and attach it correctly.
    If you turn on the computer and then restart every time, can also be due to supply power to the computer is worn out, so can not provide enough energy to heat your computer causing your computer and restart itself. "It can be seen in the BIOS", For the normally around 40 degrees if it is more than 50 degrees means, your computer will restart and other hardware such as hard drives can also be damaged.

so,, now you must be careful in the use of computers, whether it is in its use of hardware and software, install the software that is useful to examine the state of your computer, because with the good performance of the computer,, will make us happy,, we can surf on the internet, listening to music, watching movies, etc,,, no one to disturb our enjoyment ..

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