Monday, January 16, 2012

Tamanggo 360-imager, Unique Camera with Egg-Shaped

Tamanggo 360-imager
Tamanggo 360-imager is a camera that resembles an egg shape, as the name "Tamanggo" which in Japanese means the eggs.

With this camera, 360 degree image was taken using a 14 MP sensor. and Through the internal accelerometer, users can shoot an object by holding it vertically or horizontally to create the wide-angle.

This Tamanggo camera has a touch screen with a size of 2 inches. and has also been equipped with an SD card slot, microUSB port, Bluetooth and WiFi presence.

This camera will provide the experience of viewing photos via Windows and OS X to its users. With the help of Pure Player software, users can pan and zoom on photos they shoot. Rumored.

These cameras will be present in the second quarter of this year. for Tamanggo 360-imager Price is not known.

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