Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pico Projector Price from Oregon Scientific, Mini Projector Plus Wifi

Pico Projector from Oregon Scientific, Mini Projector Plus Wifi
Oregon Scientific's showing off a portable projector commonly known as the Pico Projector, Pico Projector is equipped with Wifi, so the presentation can be done via phone, tablet or notebook.

Pico Projector produces FWVGA (854 × 480), 80 lumens and a contrast level of 1.000:1. its nice ..

The projector is capable of producing images with a size equal to 120 inches TV if placed at a distance of two to three feet from the screen position.

For the price, unfortunately still no information on pricing Pico Projector from Oregon Scientific.
Price of  Pico Projector from Oregon Scientific : 640 USD

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