Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surface SUR40 Price, Computer Tablet Shaped Desk

Surface SUR40 Price, Computer Tablet Shaped Desk
Surface SUR40 is a table that can also be called with the tablet with a large screen.

The device is made ​​by the Company Bill Gates 'Microsoft' which indicates its totality in the tablet market with the release of a computer touch-shaped table.

This device comes with a 40 inch touch screen that can respond to 50 touches at once. advantage from the 'table touch screen' this is, you can touch it with fingers, stylus, a pencil, and any object that you put on it.

This Innovation is what makes Apple to bite the fingers, because the iPhone can only respond to hand touch and stylus .

Equipped with Full HD screen that covers the top of this tablet and a Windows PC 4 inch thick. This device works by shining across the top until the screen.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Surface SUR40 can be used not only in the form of tables, but also hung on the wall. Thanks to a variety of capabilities, this device has been named winner 'Best of What's New 2011' from Popular Science magazine.

Surface SUR40 priced : 11,809 USD

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