Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lytro, Unique Camera Shaped Flashlight

Lytro, Unique Camera, Shaped Flashlight
Lytro is a camera that offers something that you can not seem to get from most cameras available today, namely the determination of the focus after taking a picture.

The design is unlike most cameras, but more like a telescope or a flashlight. Around 4:41 inch in length and 1.61 inch high and wide. To the lens and the LCD, it is placed on either side of the camera-clad aluminum shell.

special software that they release useful for viewing and sharing shots from Lytro. This software works only for Mac, but will soon support Windows apps.
Lytro carrying the 1.4-inch touch screen is quite responsive. For battery life, camera charging process is performed after the shooting about 400 times as much.

For shooting in pretty light, the resulting picture quality is quite good, but unfortunately, because it is not equipped with flash, captured in low light conditions are not good enough.

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