Saturday, March 24, 2012

Genius G-Shot HD575T Price, Camcorder with Motion Activated Recording Feature

Genius G-Shot HD575T
G-Shot HD575T, is a camcorder that has a 16MP resolution, with full-featured high definition 1080p HD video.

The camcorder is equipped with LCD touch screen with 3-inch size that can be rotated or folded. This camcorder has a 5x optical zoom capability mode and 4x digital.

Equipped with 32 MB of internal storage, and with an external microSD card slot and HCSD. Can also be used to watch live video from cable television with High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).
Genius G-Shot HD575T

This camcorder, has a facility for editing images such as brightness and auto exposure settings that can be operated directly via the LCD screen.

With motion activated recording feature, the camcorder could automatically be in a position to live or die, when there is an object or a person who passes in front of this camcorder.

Genius G-Shot HD575T Price : Around 170 USD

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