Saturday, December 31, 2011

TypeScreen, Modern Typewriter for the iPad

TypeScreen is an accessory for the iPad, which forms the shape of old typewriter. and this tool is a combination of modern elements and elements of the touch screen retro classic style.

Judging from the design, it does look old-fashioned look, but accessories made ​​by this apple, it comes equipped with modern functionality making it suitable to be used as an alternative for users iPad in accompanying activities.

To use this device was spelled out very easy, users simply connect the device to iPad or iPad 2. and the way it works is very simple, like a real typewriter, just by typing each character, the lever is manually moved and will be pressing the QWERTY on-screen visual iPad.

For the price TypeScreen, this device itself is available on a limited basis at a price of about $ 550 USD

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