Monday, December 26, 2011

LG LSM-100, Scanner Shaped like Mouse on PC

LG LSM-100, is a scanner with a similar shape and size with the mouse on the computer.

Presented in black, accompanied by two buttons on the right and left plus right placement of the scroller in the middle also has the same functionality as most of the mouse.

This innovative mouse-shaped scanner is also equipped with an optical lens with a series of support tools in it whose job is to recognize objects.
For the scan, the LG LSM-100 provides resolution options up to 320 DPI and can be displayed in the form of images or text with multiple formats include JPEG, DOC, XLS, TIFF, PNG, PDF and BNP. You can also instantly share the results of a scan by e-mail, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook via an application contained in a package sale.

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