Wednesday, November 2, 2011

XPC H7 5820S, PC Capable of Displaying Images 16 screens at once

Price of XPC H7 5820S. Specifications of XPC H7 5820S, Review,
XPC H7 5820S, launched by the "Shuttel PC", which is claimed to be able to display images on 16 screens at once.

The ability is made ​​possible thanks to the Matrox M9100 NVIDIA Quadro and 3D applications. In addition, the PC that has a length of 7.5-inch casing has a choice between a quad core processor or a hexa-core i7 is equipped with 16 GB RAM.

In addition there is the option HD 1 TB. For standard options, the PC will be equipped with a blu-ray burner, windows 7, USB port 30, and the heatpipe liquid cooling system. Besides this PC also supports 7.1 channel audio system.

For the price, Shuttle gives tag of 2000 USD and is now ready for the market to the European market.Price of XPC H7 5820S. Specifications of XPC H7 5820S, Review.

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