Thursday, November 3, 2011

K Computers, Fastest Supercomputers in the World by Performance Exceeding 10 petaflop

RIKEN and Fujitsu has just launched the product of cooperation, namely the world's fastest super computer. Supercomputer that has the name "K computer" has reached 10:51 petaflop performance level, higher than the previous fastest supercomputer, which only reached 8 petaflop performance level.

These supercomputers are built by combining a total of 88 128 CPU. Inside, the supercomputer uses Fujitsu's processor, which VIIIfx Sparc64 chip has eight cores, TDP 58W and peak performance reached 12 GFlop at 2GHz clock rate.

To achieve the petaflop performance level 10, Fujitsu put some extensions developed for high performance clusters, which enables an application to be able to manage the CPU L2 cache 6MB shared. Besides this instruction also provides support for SIMD, 256 floating point registers per core and enhance the ability of inter-core synchronization hardware.

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