Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Price of Series 7 Slate, PC Tablet Windows Specifications and Review

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC is designed for users who travel frequently and need a computer that is slim and lightweight but do not want to sacrifice the ability and function of the actual PC. Whether at work or play, Series 7 Slate revolusioneri of mobile computing by providing the latest features without aggravating your PC.

Slate has an on screen keyboard for typing and users can navigate by using multi-touch gesture. This machine also has a useful electromagnetic pen to write directly on the screen. Microfon integrated with the front camera 2MP and 3MP rear camera. Connectivity features in it including a full size USB port, WiFi, WiMAX and HSPA connections.

Mini-screen has a bright 11.6 inchinya 400nit and can display 16 million colors with 170-degree view angle. Slate can be ordered with the addition of a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse to make it more like a computer desk.
Price of Series 7 Slate, PC Tablet Windows Specifications and Review

Slate PC 7 Series is powered by an Intel Core i5-2467M with 4GB RAM and integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics. Slate Series 7 is designed for users who need a slim, lightweight PC running the full version of Windows OS.

Samsung Series 7 Slate PCs are the best examples of which have Samsung's commitment in continuing cooperation in innovation with Windows. With all the PC capabilities in one tool in an ultraportable, Series 7 Slate PC mobility lift itself to a new level with a focus on innovative design touches that transform computing and allows the accumulation of experiences richer.
Series 7 Slate will be sold starting at $ 1.099 to $ 1.349 (ranging from 10 million dollars), depending on the configuration itself.

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