Saturday, September 10, 2011

2 How to Recognize Counterfeit Cartridge HP

Buyer printer cartridges Hewlett-Packard (HP) is increasingly "simplified" to distinguish the original cartridge with a fake just from the packaging.

In the last four years, anti-counterfeiting team formed HP found 20 million fake cartridges in the market.

Ironically, many buyers are unaware that the cartridge is bought instead of the original production of HP and recycled products.

Following up on these findings, the HP Innovation for Impact event that was held at Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, China (09/08/2011), HP introduced the addition of security labels that can be recognized only from the cartridge packaging.

Described by Karine Tan, Supplies & Products from HP, there are now two signs to recognize if the cartridge you are buying genuine or fake.

First, the original cartridge equipped with the technology QR code. There will be the word 'OK' and 'v' (check mark) that appears when you shake the pack to the left-right or front-rear and vice versa.

Second, the original cartridge that comes with certain serial numbers. These code numbers can also be verified at the URL listed on the packaging. As this example.

You also can check its authenticity through a barcode contained in packaging For users of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) of this code is easily recognizable as similar to a barcode fuel.

"Each barcode has only one cartridge, so it's definitely false rejection," said Tan when mendemokannya.

The quality of ink cartridges that use the original of which have excess ink color is more prominent, not bleber if exposed to water and is more economical to use.

"With this we hope there are no more users are tricked with counterfeit cartridges," lid Tan.

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