Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SpeedUp Pad Ice Price, Tablet ICS Only 160 USD

SpeedUp Pad Ice. Tablet is supported by a 1 GHz processor, and this tablet operates using Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich.

Director of MLW Telecom, Rahmad Widjaja Sakti said that Pad Ice is not just a tablet with ICS, but it also has features for both HD images, even video games that will be present.

Pad Ice will also be equipped with GPS technology and 3D, support for multi-touch, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, USB 2.0, 3G USB via modem.

These tablets are not equipped with cameras and there are other deficiencies in the resolution is low, it is only 800x480px.
SpeedUp Pad Ice
This tablet has been providing storage and 8 GB micro SD up to 32 GB. The tablet also has been equipped with congenital game is The Ultimate Spiderman Total Mayhem Full Version.

Speedup Pad Ice Price: Rp.1,500.000 (160 USD)

Speeedy Telkom has been offering free bundling with internet speed of 512 Kbps for 3 months.

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