Friday, June 17, 2011

Piolo, mountings for the iPhone are Very Useful

Piolo is the name of the "stick" that simple does not look like has many uses but it has a special utility that does fit. If you are a fan of watching videos on your iPhone 4. You know how tiring it is when you have to hold the phone at the right angle for your watch, or how tiring your neck will look down into iPhonemu if you menarus just at your desk or your lap.

Sure, there are dock just for that purpose, but what if you're constantly on the go and can not always carry along with your dock? That's where the Piolo meet needs, unique and useful tool that resembles an ice cream stick, intended to keep the iPhone 4 leaning in the corner to allow you to enjoy video calling, watch movies or simply using your iPhone into a more enjoyable experience.
There's really not much to say about the device - it is simple, and it does the job well. The only downside I see on Piolo is only designed to hold / restrain objects as thick as the iPhone 4. This means that people with the case on the iPhone they will have to take it off before using it - but for the iPhone with no case, Piolo was perfect in carrying out its functions.

Piolo is sold now for just $ 6 and are available in five different colors - blue, pink, yellow, black, white and red.[sumber]

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