Monday, February 28, 2011

Flashdisk be additional RAM

Maybe you’have heard about eBoostr, eBooster is software that works to increase the RAM or memory on the computer, the working of eBoostr is to create a cache into flashdisk that makes the speed of data access to perform write and read data faster than the process through the hard disk
The step are:
1.. Download the software we need.
2.. Install the software on your computer, and follow the instructions.
3.. Once installed, restart your computer.
4.. Run the application eBoostr, then select the hardware that will be in use, then click next..
6.. eBoostr open control panel, will show the form that displays the hardware that we choose as additional RAM
8..With low-speed flash alone was felt increasing computer speed, with high-speed flash will definitely faster
>>>Good Luck.

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